Like Lighting Like Chandelier

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Like Lighting Like Chandeliers

The lighting in your home is as fundamental to the look and feel

as the furnishings. Chandeliers placed around your home offer a

way to create beautiful centrepieces that make a bold, while

elegant statement.

Adding a chandelier to the entrance, foyer, dining room and vanity

room makes a statement about you. A chandelier with matching

sconces placed in the bedroom or master bath, creates an effect of

beauty and drama, while imbuing a feeling of warmth and security

throughout the space. No matter the chandelier you choose, be it

romantic or dramatic in character, you’ll create a focal point in

the room that brings out the beauty and elegance in your fine

furnishings. With the lights dimmed the atmosphere softens and

glows, similar to the effect brought about by candlelight.

Alternatively, choosing a chandelier with a down-light offers task

lighting and accent lighting.

A chandelier has great versatility in application. It’s able to

make a small room appear more open and airy, while at once making

large rooms feel cozy and welcoming. It can create an environment

of relaxation and comfort where you can unwind at the end of a

long, tiring day, or make for a stimulating atmosphere during a

night of entertaining. The effect of lighting cannot be

underestimated, which is why we offer only the best quality

chandeliers made by the top brands in the industry.

A chandelier in the dining room can provide a stunning centrepiece

to the room. The chandelier sets the perfect mood for an evening

meal, while also creating ample light when needed, especially if

controlled by a dimmer switch. The bulbs can remain exposed or you

can add shades to tailor the chandelier to its surroundings, even

changing colours for different occasions or holidays.

Chandeliers for other rooms should usually be placed at least 7

feet above the floor in the middle of the room or foyer. This

ensures maximum safety and enhances aesthetic quality. For ideal

placement however, look to position your chandelier between 8 and

9 feet from the floor.

Lighting is essential to creating dramatic effect and the right

mood in each part of your home, be it a place for entertaining, a

work space or somewhere to relax. By using layering in your

lighting plan you can emphasize the mood you want. Effective

lighting makes use of a mix of ambient, task and accent light,

letting you create zones within a room, and giving you the ability

to match the mood and atmosphere to your activities.

Overhead lights can be supplemented by multiple sources of soft, low light

by using lamps, candles and task lights with varying brightness

settings and or a dimmer switch.

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