Do You Like Colonial Style

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

The Colonial home is one of the most popular styles of home in the United States, according to "Better Homes and Gardens." The Colonial style evolved from European influences, which started in the 1600s. Many colonists emigrated from Europe and brought those influences with them. Over time the Colonial style became distinct, recognisable for its use of geometry, and different regions of the United States added their own tweaks to provide relief from the climate.

The Colonial style can trace its influences to England, from which most of the US Colonists emigrated. When London burned in 1666, several architects helped influence the city’s reconstruction. Andrea Palladio, an Italian architect popular during the Renaissance, influenced British architects like Christopher Wren, James Gibbs and Robert Adam, who helped rebuild London in the 1680s. Their architecture was based partly on Roman and Greek ruins, according to Antique Home. Those influences can be seen in the geometric proportion of Colonial homes and certain accents, such as Greek-style columns on the front. With the work of these architects popular in the 1700s, their work filtered to the Colonies and influenced the work of home builders in what became the United States.

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