Industrial Design 101

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Industrial style or industrial chic is an aesthetic trend in

interior design that took off in the 2000’s and remains popular

today in both residential and commercial spaces. It takes

references from old factories and industrial spaces that have been

converted into living and working spaces in order to create an

environment with a raw, unfinished feel.

Industrial design often includes components such as weathered

wood, exposed brick and building systems, industrial lighting

fixtures and concrete. It can also be seen in the adoption of

materials and structures used in building. One such example is

shipping containers, which are now being incorporated into the

architecture of homes and commercial properties.

Prime candidates for an industrial style include large open spaces

such as basements and lofts as they provide an almost blank canvas

for the design. Locations which contain some of the key elements

such as exposed brick and pipes, concrete flooring or large open

windows lend themselves to an industrial chic design. These

elements help to create the ‘warehouse’ feel that is the ultimate

goal of the style.

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